ASU students discuss if guns should be allowed on campus

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

From signs on the door, to messages on phones, it didn't take long for news of the early morning shooting to get around the campus of ASU in Jonebsoro.

"Yeah, it was scary," said student, Sylvia Henry.

Despite terrifying moments for some, many students say guns, even if they're for personal protection, should not be allowed on campus.

"Unless you're out hunting or a cop--I don't think they're anything but trouble," said student, Jacob Simpson.

"That's why we have the police force, campus police, for stuff like that," said Robert Lakes.

ASU student Robert Lakes says students should concentrate on learning, not worrying if the person sitting next to them is carrying a firearm.  He says accidents can happen, and he feels many students for example, don't have enough knowledge about guns to be carrying them around.

"I don't believe they would use it with discretion.   I don't think they are informed enough on how it affects people emotionally and physically," said Lakes.

Many students say even in a situation where you find self defense is necessary--that defense doesn't always mean with a gun.

"There are other means of protecting yourself other than with a firearm, such as tasers or mace," said student, Timothy Richmond.

"Self defense can be handled in a lot of different ways, guns are not the way," said Henry.

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