One Region 8 Fire Department does more than just fight fires

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

MAYNARD, AR (KAIT) – The Maynard Fire Department just received new AED equipment about three weeks ago, and has already saved a life.  "They saved my life is what they did," says Gayle Bloomfield, who suffered full cardiac arrest two weeks ago today.

"We had a report of a lady not breathing, and when we got there, we notice the lady beside the bed blue not breathing and no pulse," says Maynard Fire Chief Randy Weisenbach. "We were able to go out do CPR on this lady, apply the AED to deliver a shock.  We now have living prove that the machine does with.  The volunteers and the community put together and save lives and that's what we do."

With the new AED machines fire fighters were even able to obtain a pulse before the paramedics arrived on the scene.  "The quick response of the first responders, the application of the AED definitely resolved in this woman being what I called earlier our miracle patient," says paramedic Larry Hays.

The Maynard fire department was able to purchase the new AED equipment with the government RDA grant, along with a few new fire vehicles.  Hays says, the new AED equipment is easier to use than the previous machine, "It verbally directs the user on how to do everything and it is a very good piece of equipment." Hays also says that every school, church, and business should have one.

With emergency situations where every minute counts, and nearest hospital being miles away, quick response was the difference between life and death.  Weisenbach says, "We were on the scene approximately three minutes after we were paged."

"The quick acting of our fire department here it was just amazing they get there so quick…they always do a fine job, mighty fine job.  Not only do they save our houses from burning, and businesses, and barns, and fields, but then they turn around a save lives sometime we just forget about that," says Dan Parnell, a friend of Bloomfield who was there went the attack happened.

Bloomfield says, "About all I can tell them is thank you…and without them I wouldn't be here."

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