Facebook is a key tool for employers

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –  Individuals work so hard to get their resume to look nice, you go out get a haircut, and even shine your shoes.  One thing you may be overlooking is your facebook.  Nowadays, the social media site can either get you hired or possibly hurt you from sinking that second interview.

"Facebook is number one as far as the top social media networks where people socialize that's why it says social," says Herb Lawrence, with the ASU Business and Technology department.  While it is good to socialize on, when it come to finding employment, "We check your facebook, we check your myspace. We do look to see who you are and who you represent yourself as" says Leslie Denny, with Pro Staffing.  She says when individuals come in looking for temporary employment, facebook does come into play, "it's great for networking to find out who's hiring, who's not hiring but then again it can break you."

For starters, be careful about what kinds of pictures you post.  "It could be just lewd photos or also look at the comments your friends maybe making especially about that wild night out, the photo of you hugging the commode at 3 am," says Lawrence, because you could be judged by association.

It is also important to make your resume is in sync with your profile.  "You know you say on your resume that you got this doctorate, a PHD, or Associates.  Then we look on facebook, you're at ASU, still in school.  It does mess up your credibility," says Denny.

She says the worst thing you can do is complain about your current job or former employer, "Employers do look up, and if somebody's bad mouthed, or said the wrong things about a company, and company sees it.  The have no choice but to let you go."

So if you do have a facebook and want to network, "You need a personal facebook account and then adjust your privacy settings.  If you are looking for business networking, you create a completely different site for that on facebook," says Denny.

Lawrence says the one section on your profile where you might want to accent for a potential job is the information section, "Obviously be careful what you got on there but use this as a chance to showcase your skills."

Do not think that have a social media site is all negative.  It is good to use.  It shows an employer that you are technologically and professionally savvy.  It is just important to make sure you are using it to showcase the positives aspects of yourself.

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