Business Expo 2010 overview

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) --Tracking the economy--the Roaring 20's was this year's theme for the 2010 Jonesboro Business Expo.

Hundreds of exhibitors were visited by more than a thousand potential customers.

From 7 O'clock on Thursday morning the ASU Convocation center was buzzing.

Over 240 exhibitors from all over Region 8 had come together to show potential customers both private and corporate what this area has to offer.

Kevin Shortt, manager of Andy's Frozen Custard, is a relative newcomer to the area. He is impressed as to the variety of offerings. This is his second expo to attend.

"I moved here at the beginning of 2009 and was very surprised last year with the diversity and all the businesses that are here."

With the theme being the "Roaring 20's" in celebration of the 20th anniversary, flappers and gangsters were everywhere. As varied as the services being offered.

The business people I spoke to, see this as a real opportunity to expose Region 8 to the businesses that are here and to attract potential new customers.

Kathleen Cardwell, one of the owners of Loretta's catering has been taking part in the expo for 14 years. Both she and Kevin Shortt say the one important value of the expo is to get potential customers from the expo to their door.

Cardwell, "We've also met some great customers that we may not have met if we weren't here and I have several I have met throughout the years and are still my customers today. "

Shortt, "We get a lot of people that we see at the drive thru or at the front window of the store that say I tried you at the business expo and I loved it. And they come to the store later."

Overall it appeared to be a rousing success as exhibitors cross their fingers hoping all those visitors become customers to help them have a successful and profitable year.

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