ASU Farm gets weather station

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas State University (ASU) College of Agriculture and Technology has a new tool that should help farmers reap what they sow and then some.

Plans started back in November 2009 for a new weather station that would be located at the ASU Farm. Now five months later the plans turned into a reality.

Dr. Keith Morris, Associate Professor of Spatial Changes, was one of the professors leading the way for the new station.

Dr. Morris said, "The way we originally designed it is for agriculture and the parameters that we will do from that will be agriculture related. That's why we put it here on this farm," said Dr. Morris.

Data will be collected and researched to show the significance of weather on crops.

Dr. Morris said, "This is research grade weather data that we're collecting so it's very precise. Hopefully with that will come an understanding of how the weather interacts with what we do on the farm."

They are going to archive the data, according to Dr. Morris, which will give them the ability to build models of how the weather reacts over time.

The weather station offers a wide variety of real-time data, such as air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, soil temperature and much more.

The data will soon be available to the public and provide valuable information to area farmers.

"We'll have a real-time of what's going on here. Then from there we'll know from soil temperature when is the right time to plant," said Dr. Morris.

They hope to get more of these stations across the state in the near future. A network would give area farmers and the general public accurate up to the minute information.

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