Investigations continue into 2 open cases at ASU

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "You've got victims and victim's families searching for answers," said University Police Department Chief, Jim Chapman.

Two open cases--one involving allegations of rape at a fraternity house weeks ago and a murder just last weekend.  They both happened on ASU's campus and still no arrest in either case.

"I feel confident that both will be successfully concluded--how long that takes depends on a lot of factors," said Chapman.

With ASU's graduation just a couple weeks away, thousands of students, maybe even some with information,  will leave campus.

"It may stretch it a little longer, but we're going to pursue the investigations whether school is in session or not," said Chapman.

During the murder investigation, Chapman says they have used some outside help from the Jonesboro Police Department .

"The only thing that we have asked for their assistance on is some expertise from their computer specialist over there, their computer forensic people," said Chapman.

"We're fairly well equipped for this region of Arkansas," said Jonesboro Police Department Chief, Mike Yates.

Yates says they have provided some limited assistance to UPD on the homicide case, but have offered to provide them with whatever resources they have in order to help out.

"We have crime scene processing resources and we have investigators that we could lend them to help do whatever they need.   You have to throw resources you have at these kinds of instances when they occur," said Yates.

Chapman says he would ask for more outside help if he thought it became necessary.  He says his goal now with both investigations is to get answers to the many questions.

"You want to get those questions answered for those folks as quick as you can," said Chapman.

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