A summer filled with road construction

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - If you plan to do any summer travel, chances are you will be stopped or slowed down by road work!

Summer is the best time for road crews to get the bulk of their work finished.

"In highway construction you need some periods where you have extended dry spells so you can accomplish your work," said Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department District 10 Engineer Walter McMillan.

If you've been through Paragould in the past couple of years you've noticed Highway 49 is getting a facelift.  It is going from a two lane road to five lanes.

"This has been underway for the past two work seasons and we will complete it sometime this year," said McMillan.

Work will also be happening on Highway 226 near Cash.

"This biggest project we're working on this summer is that one because it will be a divided four lane highway,' said McMillan.

There are also two other big projects crews are working on between Highway 226 and Hoxie.  Highway 18 will also have some orange barrels popping up in the next several months with two projects slated to start.  When you drive through a construction project it is vital that you slow down and follow the speed limit.  Since there are changes being made to roadways, McMillan said when you go through a construction project you need to slow down and pay attention.

"One's like 226 and especially a five lane project, where you drove yesterday may not be where you're driving today," said McMillan.

While the state crews are primarily working on widening and altering roads county crews are repairing damage caused this winter.

Craighead County Road Superintendent L.M. Duncan said his crews are working to repair bad spots in county roads.

"What we're doing is dig all those spots out and do a new overlay asphalt overlay on those spots," said Duncan.

Crews have been working on Craighead County Road 900 this week.

"We're doing a temporary fix on most of them until we can get there with our overlay machine so if people will just be patient with us we'll get them all done," said Duncan.

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