"Measure the Candidates" helps inform voters

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Today at the Craighead County fairgrounds, electoral candidates and the community gathered to get to know each other a little better.  Politicians are the individuals that mold our country.  Considering the fragile state of our country, with healthcare, unemployment, and war this up-coming election is more important than ever.  "We have problems that are workable that we can get worked out people need to hear what the politicians have to say and then make up their own minds and really know who their voting for," says Thom Beasley, Farm Bureau Agency Manager.

Often when people go to the polls and look at the ballot, they do not know half the politicians on the list.  "It brings the candidates so that they have the exposure to the people to they know hey, I like this people or I like that person or I like his ideas or I like her ideas," says citizen Jery Allison.

Of course, candidates shook hands, supports wore buttons, but more importantly, "They get to meet people, and people get to meet them.  So, when they go to the ballot to vote, they will remember those people that they were able to get together with, and maybe have some idea about what they believe in and don't believe in," says citizen Bobby Hogue.

"What they say is not always as important as the chance to meet and greet and shake their hand and look into their eyes and tell them about what's on their minds too," says Beasley.

Even with the rough weather conditions, there was still a good turnout.  For more information on election dates or the individuals running for office, just go to www.arfb.com where you will find an electronic version of the election directory.

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