Fundraiser helps bring new life to Region 8 woman

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) – For twenty-seven year old Lindsay Ainsworth the past few years have been an emotional roller coaster both physically and mentally she says, "When I was twenty-one I found out I had kidney failure."  Which comes with dialysis nine hours a week, and the treat is so rough that she cannot even work, "It takes a big toll.  I'm usually sick afterward, extremely tired, usually feel like I've been hit by a truck most of the time."

After fourteen months of treatment she was diagnosed with lupus.  Doctors say the only chance for Ainsworth to get back to living a normal life is a transplant.  Fortunately, her cousin is a match, "It's really special for her to do that.  I mean I signed my donor card whenever I turned 15 and got a drivers license.  You don't think how that's going to impact my life, and it didn't change things for my cousin.  It was just okay let's do this," say Ainsworth.  Now that the match is in place, the new challenge is raising the funds for the surgery.  The transplant alone is 250,000 dollars, "the drugs for a transplant are between 2 to 5 thousand dollars a month," says Ainsworth.

So, she has tag teamed with the national foundation for transplants to help with fundraising.  She says, "They help give us all the swag we need to get the information out.  we did a yard sale, was the first thing we did, we did a pageant in February, and at the pageant we had silent auction and it was a very big success."  Now, they are selling Boston butts for twenty-five dollars apiece, "with each one it seems like the momentum is growing."

Since November, they have already raised sixteen thousand dollars, meaning each day Ainsworth is closer and closer to living a normal life.  "I hope to finish my degree in art, and get my masters in art therapy.  I would really like to be the one give back."  She says she can't thank the community enough for all they've done so far.  If you are interested in purchasing a Boston butt and other fundraising events call Wanda Penna at 284-0271 or Carrie Wyatt at 284-0637.  You can also make donation at, click on "patients we help" to search for her

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