ASU task force expected to meet this week

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "We're 12 thousand in enrollment and we have 3 thousand people that live on campus.   You know, sometimes things do occur," said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Rick Stripling.

A task force charged with identifying the schools strengths and weaknesses as it relates to campus safety and security is expected to meet for the first time this week.

"We'll look at initially some national data and trends, but we'll also look at trends of crimes--things that happen on campus," said Stripling.

Stripling will chair the ten person committee which  includes an officer from UPD.  He says the group may also hear from other state agencies during this process as well.

"We're going to have to look and see what are those additional measures and if those involve some additional areas.  Then, we'll actually have them to come in and maybe speak to some topics or some things of that nature," said Stripling.

Stripling says he expects the group will look at safety precautions taken by other schools, but they will closely examine the ones ASU already has in place.

"What's working and not working and identify the strengths and weaknesses," said Stripling.

ASU Chancellor Dr. Robert Potts appointed the task force.  Stripling says a report of the group's findings and recommendations about safety and security measures will go back to the chancellor at the end of June.

"He will actually take it under advisement and then take it to his executive council which are the senior officers of the campus and share with them the findings then go whatever direction it needs to go," said Stripling.

The ten people making up this task force include Residence Life Director Patrick Dixon, Student Government Association President Adrian Everett, Dean of the College of Business Dr. Len Fry, President of the Faculty Association Dr. Beverly Boals Gilbert, Jonesboro Community Representative Gary Harpole, President of the Graduate Student Council Kevin Linker, President of the Staff Senate Randy Martin, University Counsel Lucinda McDaniel, and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Rick Stripling.

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