Jonesboro's Animal Control not immune to cuts if necessary

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "We've had many people that have come in from out of state that have come in and said they wish their city had something like we have," said Jonesboro Animal Control Supervisor, Sergeant Larry Rogers.

Rogers says if this proposed half cent sales tax passes--they will be able to at least maintain the level of service they're providing now; however, Rogers paints a grim picture if the proposed tax fails.

"There would be personnel cuts...yes," said Rogers.

Rogers says a cut in workers means a cut in services--one in particular--adoption.

"There would be no manpower for the adoptions, there would also be no long time funding for medical treatment of animals," said Rogers.

"We will basically go from an animal control facility where we try to do adoptions to we'll be putting animals down at the soonest possible point that the law allows," said Jonesboro Police Chief, Mike Yates.

Yates says the manpower, money, and resources needed to manage the animals and continue outreach just won't be there.

"They teach all over the state, they have adoption clinics, they train animals--everything you could ever imagine, but that would all be gone," said Yates.

For Sergeant Rogers, he says this is not just about the animals.   He hopes to be able to maintain the service provided now to keep residents safe too.

"Without them being out there doing this, there's going to be a lot more strays, when there's a lot more strays there's a lot more incidents for dog bites, with dog attacks and this puts the citizens at jeopardy over this," said Rogers.

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