Motorcycle Poker Run brings money to NEA RRC

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The first annual NEA regional recovery center motorcycle poker run revved up Saturday.  "We start out here we draw a card, we get a map, we drive to another destination draw another card. we do this until we get five cards then we come back here and the best hand wins 500 dollar," says participant Kenny Fleman.

There were Harley's, sunglasses, and plenty of leather.  Even with the weather folks were ready to hit the road.  The recovery center covers seven counties and are in the process of getting accredited.  "We need extra money to be able to supply them with just the necessities because they come into use sometime and have nothing."

With events like these, it's fun whether you win or lose but for some that participated it was great to be able to give back.  "I was pretty hopeless.  I was homeless.  I really didn't have much left to lose," Fleman has been sober since 1997.  "I had pretty much hit rock bottom, and they bring you here and they feed you and house you and teach you a new way of life."  Being about to give back to program that is so close to his heart means a lot, "It's the only way I can stay sober is by giving back. People believe in this you know. It's a service to our community. You take somebody that's in the system spend tax dollars to take them out and dry them out and get them back into society."

All the money raised in the poker run went to the NEA recovery center.  Organizers say they raised about 7,000 dollars.

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