Storms rip through Cross County, damage left behind

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

Storms tore through Arkansas and Missouri Saturday night and didn't leave quietly.  Power lines were downed and homes damaged leaving residents with a big mess to clean up.

"It does sound like a train when it's going by," said Lillian Wilson.

Wilson had a rough night Saturday as storms ripped through Cross County.  When sirens rang, she called her neighbor.

"I told him to get up and put his clothes and his shoes on," said Wilson.

"Got my flashlight and I was headed to the bathroom to go to the bathtub, and then you just heard the roar and the roar came in just like a locomotive train, and then you just hear it taking everything like the house is about the explode," said Donnie Peeler.

"It was so fast I bet it wasn't three seconds.  I came out and could not see anything I didn't know it could be so black outside.  I couldn't see my hand in front of me," said Wilson.

She didn't even know the damage until she woke up this morning.

"Went over to my home were I was born and raised and that's what I found completely demolished," said Wilson.

Friends and family all gathered together to help with the clean-up process but she says the hardest part is seeing her childhood home destroyed.

"A lot of memories have gone down the drain and a lot of hard work all these because I felt like I needed to maintain it as a memorial for my mother and daddy.  It had a big red barn back there that's a pile of red rubbish now," said Wilson.

Now the focus is on putting the pieces back together.  Since so many lost power during the storm, crews were out all night Saturday working to restore electricity.

"During the rain they worked all night long and they're still here this morning trying to restore power, and get the cables up where people can get back into their houses.  They've just done a phenomenal job," said Peeler.

Now that the damage is done, residents in Wynne have pulled together and are thankful that no one was hurt.

"Everyone came around and just pulled together they helped me put a tarp up and I put the screws around it and everything to get it all secured everyone helped me every way they could," said Don Smith.

The Cross County Sheriff said he hasn't seen this much damage since he's been in office.  No injuries were reported from the storms.

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