Offbeat: Pez Collector

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR(KAIT) - Nathan Coggin is crazy about pez! He's not a big fan of the candy, but loves those little plastic dispensers with character heads.  In fact he's already collected 400 in the last 5 years, and he's only 9 years old.

"He's just passionate," said Nathan's mom Kristina. "He just loves them, so he tries to collect all he can. Every time we go to the store, he says mom there's a new pez can I get it? They range from a dollar to dollar fifty, so they're not too much, but over the five years we've got quite a collection that is."

Nathan and his mom also use e-bay and garage sales to find Pez people. He loves the dispensers, but doesn't really care too much for the candy.

"I like how they're heads are," said Nathan. "They open up and candy comes out them. I'm not a big fan of the candy. I save it for my friends and cousins."

As far as playing with his collection, it's more about display, than play for the pop culture iconic brand.

"They're just for display, said Nathan. "Usually I pull them down and dust them off, that's all I do with them. I don't really play with them"

Most are open, displayed on shelves built by his "Poppy," but Nathan does have a few, still in the box sets. It's a collection that's taken on a life of its on.

"When you ask him, he says he's going to keep them forever," said his mom. "It's something he's passionate about. He absolutely loves them and he's not passionate about much. He just went farther than I thought he'd go and that's good. I just never imagined it would be that big."

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