3D buildings at Paragould High School on Google Earth

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) --Mapping technology has advanced by leaps and bound over the last couple of decades.

In the 21st century many use Google Earth to search out locations, our homes and other places of interest.

How about Paragould High School? 2 buildings are in 3D at the campus location. Built by 3 senior girls in the EAST program.

"We're the first students that have done it and definItely the first one in Paragould." Senior Krystal Ashcraft told me. Also she said the only other 3D building in Region 8 is a hotel in Jonesboro.

Though probably not the most exciting of buildings, one being the 8 classroom building, the other a green house .What is exciting is that millions of people can see 3D buildings on the Paragould campus instead of just a flat surface. It's not a simple process either.

Krystal's building buddy Destiny Forbs said at first they learned to use the 3D Sketch it program from Google Earth to build furniture before moving on to the building.

"It took almost a whole school year to get it done."

The third player on this team Sareena Morrow said besides the process itself it can be a challenge to get it into the warehouse to be seen by Google folks.

"You have to get the building on sketch up and then submit it too Google Earth and see if they will accept it."

The design and build process took about 3 months using photos, measurements and hours of design to get it looking like the real building.

The young ladies had to take numerous pictures of the outside, the textures of the bricks and glass sides of the greenhouse to use as texture maps for the rendering. Which could be problematic at time.

Ashcraft, "Mostly what took our time was getting it uploaded. We ran into a few problems there."

Besides the two buildings that are already on Google Earth. I saw two more that had been submitted. One was the ROTC Building, the other was the Concession stand at the football stadium.

Shannon Hawkins was doing the concession stand. The relationship between the doors and columns was giving him problems.

"I have to go outside and around the column to figure out how to take a picture of the door without making it look bad."

Unlike his classmates Zach Mitchell didn't measure he started with the flat footprint.

"I figured it would be easier to go and trace the building on here so that took some time off it."

EAST program facilitator Mike Jadwin says all these firsts deserve recognition.

"To be the first one to have one in Paragould. The first to have 2 buildings in Greene County. I mean it's just pretty awesome. And to think that those buildings unless something happens will be there even as they get older."

The school buildings are cool but what about the old Greene County, court house?

Jadwin, "Have that as being the next challenge. Pretty tall building though so it's going to be quite interesting to do that one. But they can rise to the challenge."

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