Oil spill altering vacation plans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Janette Allen met her soon to be husband at work. She is a receptionist and he is the mail carrier for the office.

Allen says it wouldn't have happened without a little coaxing from a co-worker.

"What if she says no? She said she's not going to say no," says Allen.

One year later they are engaged to be married at the end of this month. Up until last week the couple was planning a beach-side honeymoon along the Florida Panhandle.

"He was really excited to go. He hasn't been to the beach in years. and he was very excited," says Allen.

She says the recent BP oil spill is changing their plans.

"It's just not feasible with everything that is going on," says Allen.

Wilma Freeman spent her entire weekend worrying about how the spill might affect her cruise which is set to sail out of Mobile, AL on the 14th.

"It's got me a little nervous. I don't want anything to interfere with my trip," says Freeman.

To avoid getting oil in their hulls all of the cruise ships are taking alternate routes.

As of now Freeman's ship is only being delayed two hours.

"That doesn't. I'm not at all upset me, but I will be upset if we get canceled out," says Freeman.

Amy Cantin a Jonesboro travel agent says they are taking calls everyday from worried people.

She says even though it's an environmental tragedy and a tourism killer for the coastal cities, her office is benefiting.

"The misfortune of this has created some extra business for us," says Cantin.

As for the future honeymooners...Allen says she canceled their reservations with the Florida hotel and are off to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

"We figure if we can't be on the beach we might as well be in the mountains, says Allen."