Project under way to raise Arkansas steamboat

JACKSONPORT, Ark. (AP) - A Missouri company will raise a floating museum that sank into the water at the confluence of the Black and White rivers in Arkansas.

A crew from River Diving & Salvage of Bloomsdale, Mo., arrived in Jacksonport on Monday to prepare to raise the Jacksonport State Park's Mary Woods No. 2 steamboat.

Park Superintendent Mark Ballard says the plan is to pull the boat over with winches that are attached to large bulldozers anchored on the west side.

He says once the boat is sitting flat on the bottom of the channel, divers will seal the hull and pump the water out, causing the vessel to come to the surface.

Authorities say the boat sank Jan. 31 after two men broke in and opened valves that caused its lower level to fill with water.

Information from: Batesville Guard,

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