Heavy rains caused problems for farmers

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Burdette, AR (KAIT) - Severe weather was not the only problem this past weekend, flooding rains hit part of Region 8 too. One of the areas hardest hit was Mississippi County, where as much as 10 inches of rain fell. Mike Sullivan, a farmer in Burdette said he received six to seven inches.

Sullivan said, "Just so happened that Northeast Arkansas around Poinsett and Mississippi County this time we got hammered."

Sullivan has been farming for 26 years and he said flooding is nothing new. However, when you get this much rain it can pose all sorts of problems.

"We started planting on Monday morning, soybeans, and planted all the way through Friday night and all those acres will have to be replanted," said Sullivan.

To be exact, he's looking at nearly 3000 acres to replant. Financially the cost to do this all over again adds up very quickly.

"It cost 40 to 60 dollars an acre to plant an acre of soybeans. Do the math at three thousand acres times that number of acres is obviously a tremendous hit," said Sullivan.

Fortunately for Sullivan, he may get some help footing the bill.

"Most of the seed companies will help with half the cost of the seed when there's a replant situation and that's a tremendous help," said Sullivan.

The flooding rains came early enough in the season that Sullivan will have plenty of time to get back in the fields.

Sullivan said, "It's still optimal time to plant soybeans and so tomorrow, Thursday or Friday we'll be started back again and within a week we'll have it all replanted again."

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