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Farmers Market constructing new building

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be available with the farmers market opening later this month. If you've traveled by there recently, you've noticed some changes are underway.

Construction started earlier this week on a new building at the Arkansas State University (ASU) Regional Farmers Market.

Kim Pittcock, a board member at the farmers market said, "This new building will be 40 feet by 140 feet and it will have a concrete floor for a middle walk-way. It will have chat and gravel for where vendors pull up and park."

With this new structure you can say goodbye to standing out in the weather.

"It's a very hot and sunny on Tuesday afternoons when we have the farmers market. This will provide protection from that. We will have ceiling fans in there. Also some mornings where it's misty or quite cool," said Pittcock.

Flooding has been a problem at the farmers market in the past, but they are taking precautions now to protect the new building. 

"This week they have been bringing in and hauling in dirt for the purpose of building up the site. We are actually a little low and we have to come up 3 feet," said Pittcock.

There are two phases in the construction process. They are working on phase one now, which involves the main building and a parking lot.

Pittcock said, "Phase two is a walk-way to three 16 by 16 foot grain silos that have been donated to us. They're going to be sitting in the tree line where we've been operating for the last several years."

The new structure will not lack creativity. Two of the silos will be made into restrooms while the third will be used for storage and office space.

Pittcock said they expect to have more vendors and customers because they will be a permanent fixture.

"We've been here three years, this is our fourth year. So this will give us a home base where we're not going anywhere. We're here for the long term," said Pittcock.

They hope to have the new building completed by June 1, 2010. Regardless, the farmers market will still open Saturday May 15, at 7 AM.

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