What you need, and need to leave behind heading to the polls

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "Usually as the days go on, we gain a little every day," said Craighead County Clerk, Nancy Nelms.

Hotly contested races across Arkansas mean signs on every corner.  There is a time for campaigning and  a place for those signs especially when it comes to polling sites.

"They have to be one hundred feet from the main entrance.   They can't park their car, or vehicles with their signs, within one hundred feet from the main door," said Nelms.

That's why you don't see signs directly across from the main entrance at the Craighead County Courthouse Election Annex for example, it's not one hundred feet away; however, diagonally from the main entrance is fair game for those looking to get your vote.

"That's something that we stress every year," said Nelms.

Nelms says it's not just signs and those campaigning that poll workers have to pay attention to.

"...buttons...hats...stickers," said Nelms.

Nelms says those items promoting certain candidates are not allowed inside the polling sites.

"You do have to remove it or cover it up," said Nelms.

Nelms says these are not her rules, rather Arkansas state law.  She says they are there in part to keep things fair for those voting, and those being voted on.

"A lot of times people just don't think about it and sometimes people just try to you know, slip it in on you.  Most of the time, people are really nice and they just don't realize that they're breaking a law," said Nelms.

Election officials say you do need some form of identification.

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