ASU Trustees approves tuition hike

Discussion during the ASU Board of Trustees meeting Friday.
Discussion during the ASU Board of Trustees meeting Friday.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Arkansas State Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of a four-percent tuition increase across the entire ASU system. According to Dr. Robert Potts, Chancellor of ASU-Jonesboro, the board said a four-percent increase would help the institution offset inflation and compete with other universities of similar size.

"We had a small tuition increase pass. Four percent, which is, if it's spread over two years, we had none last year. That's two percent a year. That's less than the rate of inflation," said Potts.

The board also increased numerous fees. At ASU-Jonesboro, the board approved of increases in meal, residential and remedial course fees. The board also approved of a measure to increase tuition for the English as a Second Language Program.

Potts said the university would add approximately $1.2 million in the budget next year. The tuition and fee increases begin June 30.

"We think it's a very lean budget but one that we can live with and we're very grateful to our board of trustees for passing the budget that they did for us," said Potts. "We're in competition on a national basis. The good thing about it is that Arkansas has fared better during this recession up till now than many other states," said Potts.

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