ASU graduates celebrate right of passage

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Many folks in Region 8 are looking towards their next stage in life after walking across the stage today.  The Arkansas State University graduation took place this afternoon in Jonesboro.  College graduation is a huge marking point in someone's life, and today's ceremony was a way to showcase that all the hard work, had finally paid off.

It was a day to celebrate, as friends and family all gathered Saturday at the ASU convocation center, "I'm really happy that my family got the be here, and it was just a great closure for my 4 year education here at ASU," says graduate Ashlie Anderson.

College graduation is a big moment.  It is a time when students take the next step in their life.  "It feels amazing...doesn't feel real quite yet," says Anderson.

It took a lot of hard work to get to this point, and when the students finally walked across the stage, "It felt felt real good, excited and just glad it's over," says graduate Spencer Jeu.

"It's a relief, huge accomplishment, and I feel fortunate," says Graduate Tracy Clark.

"Words cannot describe it…your just so happy you want to explode but you can''s indescribable," says Jamar Cunningham.  Cunningham graduated with a degree in corporate finance.  It was a proud moment not only for him but his family too, "my mom, she's excited. I'm actually the first generation of my family to graduate."

Graduation means the end of one chapter and the start of a new one and with that come new challenges.  "I start a job at JP Morgan and Chase starting august 2, that's my next chapter that I'm get ready to open," says Cunningham.

"Well, getting a job and going to graduate school," say Anderson.

With the economy beginning to turn around, these graduates have a positive outlook toward the future, "I'm confident that I will get a job, with the excellent preparation from ASU and my teachers I think I'll do great," says Anderson.

Over 13 hundred students received their undergraduate or graduate diploma today, and are now hoping to step into bright futures.

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