Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan and Vortex2 now on the move in OK

Checking the latest data
Checking the latest data

PERRY, OK (KAIT) - The latest from Ryan on the road: No action yet. The weather briefing is finalized and we are waiting for now and then driving about an hour from Perry, OK to our target city.

At 2:00, we will have another briefing and then deploy into various locations. I have been assigned to the University of Mass W Band Mobile Radar. This should get quite interesting because the W Band radar gets fairly close to the tornadoes. To read more about their radar, click here:

We can not disclose our target city via the internet, because there are a ton of chasers here wanting to follow with Vortex2. As you can imagine, on a high risk day there are a ton of people wanting to see a tornado.

As far as the weather conditions, we are still cloudy. The temperatures and dewpoints are slowly rising, but if these clouds do not break, it will suppress the thunderstorm development.

Another update will come soon. I hope to have a little window to type something after the 2:00 meeting. That might be hard to do if we have to drive somewhere fast.

For previous updates, see below.

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Region 8 News Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan is on the hunt for a tornado, and he's joining an elite group for the hunt.

Ryan is in Perry, OK with the Wood Ford StormTRACKER following the research team as they use Mobile Doppler Radars, mobile weather stations, and even tornado probes that they will place in front of the storms!

The National Weather Service said the storms are expected to begin developing in Oklahoma about 3 p.m. Monday and continue through midnight. The weather service says tornadoes are possible and baseball-sized hail is expected with the storms.

The weather service said strong southerly winds are pushing moisture into the region that will combine with surface heating in western Oklahoma to produce the unstable conditions.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Michelann Ooten says the agency is monitoring the weather. She says agency officials are talking with local emergency management directors statewide to be ready to respond if needed.

Vortex 2 is the largest tornado research team in the world, and they're hoping Monday will be one of the most active days of the season. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a "high risk" for severe weather in Oklahoma and Kansas.

There are some challenges today. First, all of the ingredients have got to come together. This morning, it is cloudy with drizzle with temperatures in the 50s. We're expecting the clouds to break up and the temperatures to go into the 80s. That should be sufficient enough to fuel the storms.

Second, the storms are not expected until LATE today. This poses a problem for Vortex2 because they do not deploy at night. This leaves them a small window of opportunity.

Lastly, the storms are going to be very fast! Of course, when you are trying to place instruments in front of a tornado, the speed of the storm is crucial.

We have a Weather Briefing with Vortex2 at 10:15 AM and we should know which direction we'll be heading.

Ryan will be filing reports throughout the day, and Region 8 Meteorologist Justin Logan is hoping to talk with Ryan and show a live shot of the tornado chasers during Region 8 News at 5 and 6.

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