Region 8 police catch armed suspects

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Two men wanted for stealing a truck a gun point have been found and arrested by police.

According to the Independence County Sheriff's Department, the two men were caught after they wrecked the stolen truck and hid from police for about 3 hours.

Police from several agencies were on the lookout for the two men after police say they stole a truck at gunpoint and then ran from police.

During the chase, police say weapons were inside the truck, and that the men were believed to be armed and dangerous. After about an hour looking for the truck, police found the truck wrecked and said the men had made their way into the woods.

The two men were on the run for almost 3 hours before being caught. Police say one of the men had minor injured and was transported to a local hospital.

Police from Independence; Jackson, and White Counties were all on the lookout, as well as Arkansas State Police.

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