Proposed sales tax meeting draws large crowd

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "Why? That was my first question," said Jonesboro resident, Wesley Anderson.

Life-long Jonesboro resident Wesley Anderson wasn't the only one asking questions  Monday night at a public meeting addressing the proposed half cent sales tax increase.

"You want your city to grow, therefore it's going to cost you something," said Anderson.

Anderson says while he doesn't want the city to go backwards, he wants to know where his money would be going.

"It's just good not to have your face in the sand and let folks decide for you and you have no say so.  My vote gives me a voice," said Anderson.

"What's driving the need for the sales tax and will it really solve our problems in the city," asked Kathy Cole.

Kathy Cole says she got her lingering questions answered by the facts presented at the meeting and says she's leaving more informed.

"I basically came out  to find out where the city stands financially," said Cole.

"I'm asking the people, tell me what you think," said Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin.

Perrin says one of the most frequently asked questions is, why can't money be moved from one fund to another or why is the city asking for the tax at all?

He says they are questions he says he welcomes, and wants the opportunity to answer.

"The big thing is getting the voters informed on the number of sources of revenue that we've got and also which of those are restricted that we can't use in general revenue," said Perrin.

Perrin says educating voters is key, and Jonesboro patron Wesley Anderson says he's glad he got the opportunity to ask.

"It's right on it, it's right on it because I'm not always able to go to city council meetings and it's just good to see who's in charge of this city," said Anderson.

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