UPDATE: Mary Woods II will not be rebuilt

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Joan Ellison with Arkansas State Parks says a committee decided it was not economically feasible to rebuild the Jackson County steamboat.

As you may recall, the Mary Woods II sank last January.

At first, it was believed vandals were to blame, but investigators determined a leaky pipe was to blame.

The boat will be salvaged and parts of it will be put up for sale.

Money received from the sale will go to building a new Visitor's Center at the Jacksonport Park.

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NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - After months of being submerged underwater, the Mary Woods 2 at Jacksonport State Park--a local landmark in Jackson County--is one step closer getting above water.

Efforts to raise the ship began on Monday. Crews used cables, pulleys, and two bulldozers to raise the Mary Woods 2 off its side and to a somewhat up-right position.

According to Park Superintendent Mark Ballard, once the boat levels out at the bottom of the channel, the boat can finally be raised completely above water.

In January, a local pastor found the retired towboat on its right side in 20 feet of water. Two men are in custody pending formal charges in Jackson County.

The Park Does plan to completely refurbish the Mary Woods 2 once it is raised.

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