Hair Donations help in Gulf Coast oil spill clean up efforts

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –   Relief crews are using blankets of real hair to soak up the oil.  It sounds like a crazy way of cleaning up an oil spill, but it seems to be helping.  A local hair salon in region 8 is now picking up their scissors for a cause.

"I have been wanting to get involved in a non profit/ charity organization, and this just kind of fell into my lap it's was just good timing," says stylist Lauren Dacus, with twisted scizzers hair salon. The salon has teamed up with, a national non-profit recycling organization, "We have all this hair that we collect on a daily basis, so we might as well use it to help out."  She says hair naturally soaks up oil, which is why we shampoo our hair, "By taking the clean shampooed hair and stuffing it into the nylons and putting it in the ocean we are helping to soak up the oil."

It doesn't matter what kind of hair or how much you cut off, every little bit helps.  What's interesting is they say that a pound of hair can soak up a whole quart of oil.

But it's not only people that are helping out even our furry four-legged friends are getting involved.  "Pets could actually be a part of saving the other animals in the ocean, and a product that would normally go in the trash is making such a great difference," says Victoria Cope with Petco.  She says when a dog gets groomed it doesn't take long to collect a lot of hair.  Just yesterday they collected three full bags, "Compared to human hair where you take off small amounts you take off full bodies when they come in here."  Cope says they definitely have high hopes, "Our goal is a ton a day or a ton a week to be shipped."

Of course for those involved it feels good to be able to give back, "I feel very fortunate doing hair is my passion and if I can do something good will doing that, then it's even better," says Dacus.

Twisted Scizzors Hair Salon also is planning a Cut-a-thon Sunday May 23 from 12am-4pm to see how many people they can bring in.  They will be offering a twenty dollar cut and style.  For more information call (870) 650- HAIR (4247).

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