City of Jonesboro garnering national recognition

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "Jonesboro's a great place to do business and having publications like Forbes recognize that is of importance to us," said Mark Young.

It's recognition from one of the biggest names in business publications.  Forbes magazine ranks Jonesboro the 49th best small places for business and careers.

"As companies evaluate where they might like to do business certainly the cost of doing business is of importance because they want to locate in communities where they know they can be profitable," said Young.

Mark Young is the President and CEO of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.  He says the cost of living and the total cost of doing business are two categories the city excelled in.

"A lot of that has to do with the infrastructure that we have here, and the cost of utilities and just how competitively priced we are as a community," said Young.

There are several categories the magazine used to form their lists. The city ranked 15th in the cost of doing business.  The city ranked 44th in job growth projected, and 108th in educational attainment.  Young says these are three key factors both businesses and people look at when choosing a place to either locate a business or themselves.

"My guess is that's the reason they selected those factors to weigh most heavily in their rankings," said Young.

Young says the magazine probably looked at the city's history in job creation in order to help determine future job growth.  He adds the city's diverse job opportunities show a strong history and bright future.

"You can look at our community and it has continued to see job growth and that's important.   That's a good indicator of what we might see in the future as well," said Young.

Jonesboro was among roughly 200 other metropolitan areas on the list.  To qualify for the list, those metropolitan areas had to have a population of less than 245 thousand people.

Hot Springs and Pine Bluff also made the list.

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