Auditor releases report on Stoddard County

STODDARD COUNTY (KAIT)-- According to recent reports from the Missouri State Auditor, Stoddard County must make improvement for multiple findings.

Records of property tax transactions and changes, tax books, property tax additions and abatements and court orders to changes in the tax system are not properly controlled, kept, or overseen.

Accounting duties and procedures in the Sheriff's office are inaccurate or are not properly kept, nor are perpetual and physical inventories properly documented.

Bids and proposals for vendors are not always solicited or retained, and the use of sole source vendors are not always properly documented.

Several discrepancies were found in the records for the Stoddard County Public water Supply District 3 Waterline Extension.

The Special Road and Bridge Fund, and the Capital Improvements Fund went over budget by almost $1.5 million combined. Also, the 2009 and 2008 county budgets were not filed in a timely manner with the State Auditor's office in accordance with state law.

Other findings invlove county property records and procedures, meeting minutes, accounting controls and procedures, and minutes and proceedures of the Emergency 911 Board.

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