Nettleton seniors to graduate with $4 million in scholarships

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Over $4,000,000 in scholarship money is held by Nettleton High School graduates!  Thursday night the N-H-S Academic Signing program was held to honor those who are graduating with academic scholarships.  Out of the 167 graduates, 62 have accepted scholarships to various universities in the state and the country.

The total amount of academic scholarships so far that have been accepted by Nettleton High School seniors totals $1.4 million.  This is the third year those with the school have held this program to honor seniors.  Nettleton Education Foundation Chairman Jeff Wicker said it is important to honor their graduates.

"We want to just congratulate them and tell their families how much we appreciate the work they've done," said Wicker.

So far students have accepted scholarships to Arkansas State University, The University of Arkansas, Hendrix, DePaul University in Chicago, Lyon College, Murray State, Eastern University in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma Christian, Williams Baptist, and others.

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