Voters learn to vote electronically

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you are still on the fence about which way to cast your ballot, on the machine or paper, poll officials are urging you give the machine a try.

They say getting started with it is the simplest part since a poll worker does it for you.

If you make a mistake they say it can easily be fixed.

Craighead County officials say the advantages are endless.

For starters, they're faster and reduce paper costs, but some worry they make it easier to cheat.

However, the county clerk Nancy Nelms says you can count on your vote counting.

"Regardless of whether you vote on paper or a machine or

if you vote early or absentee..we're going to take care of you," says Nelms.

She also says some may be forced to vote paper-less on Tuesday whether they want to or not. She says the election commission ordered far less paper ballots this year, making the chances of running out highly likely.

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