GOP cites Carnahan job as executive in Senate bid

COLUMBIA, MO (AP) - In a previous job, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan was an assistant to the chairman of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. Or put simply, an executive.

Republicans are making an issue of that title as Carnahan campaigns for the U.S. Senate.

They note Carnahan used the word "executive" in past biographies in the official state manual published by her office. But the current version says she "served at the Export-Import Bank."

The Senate campaign of Republican Rep. Roy Blunt has accused Carnahan of falsifying her biography to remove references to being a bank executive.

Carnahan says the dispute is trivial. She says it's fine to describe her as an executive. But she says the Export-Import Bank is a government agency that helps create jobs, not really a bank.

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