LCpl. John W. Irwin, U.S. Marine Corps

LCpl. John W. Irwin
U.S. Marine Corps

Lance Corpral John. W. Irwin is a United States Marine. He is with Wepons Co. 3 of the 4th Division. He works with the 81mm gun. He has been in Iraq since Janurary.

John is the only son of Butch and Teri Irwin. He has two sisters Misty and Jamie.

"We are very proud of John. He decided to join the Marines because he knew he could serve our Country in time of War. I believe that John will make a difference because he is build on witts and courage. That is why we would like to salute our friend and all the men and women risking their lives, for World peace. Hurry home to a Hero's welcome! We miss you."

--- Robert and Rebecca Nail