Meet May's Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

GOSNELL, AR (KAIT) - For the past several months we have been traveling Region 8, meeting teachers that you feel deserve extra special recognition.

May's nominee has "deep roots" to the school where she now teaches.

Her dad was actually the principal at Gosnell High School where she now teaches, her mom was an elementary teacher. And she even lived at a house located on the campus.

Would it be fair to say high school math teacher Jamie Wright's roots run deep at Gosnell High?

I think so.

Let's meet Mays teacher of the month...Jamie Wright.

She is another teacher who calls her job a "calling".

"My greatest accomplishment is touching the lives of teenagers. I really feel like growing them as people is more important."

Wright is very dedicated to her students as a Math teacher, Sunday school teacher, Cheerleader coach.

It's a seven day week for her to be with her "other" children. I asked her why she spends so much of her free time with them?

"The people that gave their time for me. I just feel like these teenagers need people there for them to. God called me to work with teenagers. I really feel like it is a calling."

We all asked our Math teachers when will we ever use all this "stuff". Wright told me of a former student with an unusual occupation.

"Under water welder. And he said some of the things we learned in class I have to use to calculate pressure so I try to give them examples."

Wright says she uses all available technology to teach her kids. Computers, a Symposium, a kind of smart like board and projector system. She says sometimes the kids wind up teaching her to use the technology she uses to teach them.

Originally she studied Medical Technology and has a degree in Chemistry but prefers to teach Math instead and has for about 20 years.

Wright also is the cheerleading coach. A former cheerleader herself in the same gym on the same campus she grew up. Again it's all part of her dedication and love for her students.

Wright, "They're not gonna care about what I know unless they know I care about them first. And I really can say I have a God given love for teenagers."

Jamie Wright, May's teacher of the Month from Gosnell High School.

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