Jonesboro continues to work on city ditches

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - In the past, clogged drainage ditches have caused significant flooding across Jonesboro. Tuesday night, the city council discussed ways to ease the problems.

Mayor Harold Perrin said it's not as easy as the city immediately going to work on a drainage ditch.  The city has to be given an easement from the property owner. In other words, they need permission to work on that property.

At Tuesday night's city council meeting they got that permission. However there are two types of easements.

Mayor Perrin said, "One is a temporary easement, where they just give us a certain time to get in and to do something and then there is a permanent easement."

Mayor Perrin said a permanent easement is almost like owning the property. The city is granted permission to work nearly anytime.

"The ones that we had on the council meeting is two permanent easements that people gave us to go ahead and go in and start making repairs and maintenance on the ditches," said Mayor Perrin.

The two drainage ditches are located on Kents Place, just off South Caraway. The ditches don't currently pose a flooding threat, but Mayor Perrin said they are taking the necessary precautions in case they do become an issue.

"This is just preventive. Actually I would rather be proactive than to react," said Mayor Perrin.

However, this will not be an easy task, because the ditches are full of debris.

"Several trees in there that have grown up. Some have fallen over on the ditch embankment. We've got a lot of erosion on the banks. So we'll have to go in and not only clean it up, we'll have to put the correct slope on there," said Mayor Perrin.

The finished product will look similar to the drainage ditch in the Windsor Lane area, which is currently still being worked on.

Mayor Perrin wants the public to know he is aware of other drainage problems.

"We have a very good organized system now of the call in. We identify those areas and we're working as fast as we can with the time and money we have available," said Mayor Perrin.

Once the Windsor Lane project is complete, Mayor Perrin expects the city crew to begin work on the Kents Place drainage ditch.

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