Police Investigating Friday Morning Shooting

April 25, 2003
Posted at: 9:34 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Jonesboro investigators are working to determine facts surrounding and early morning shooting of a Jonesboro man on Friday.

The shooting happened just after midnight at the Falls Apartment complex in east Jonesboro.

The victim, Earnest Hill, says that three men broke into his home and says he was shot in a struggle with the intruders. Hill's neighbors say something like the shooting rarely happens in the complex. Gypsy Ridge says he went to bed before midnight, and found out Friday morning that Hill had been shot in the chest.

"(I heard about it at) seven o' clock this morning," Ridge said. "I turned it on the TV."

Another neighbor, Geri Cobler says she has trouble sleeping most nights, and heard the shot, then police sirens. Before long, officers and detectives were investigating what quickly became the Falls Street crime scene.

"They were everywhere," Cobler said. "They talked to whoever would give them anything about the shooting. No one knew what happened. It happened so fast."

The incident happened so fast that no one has a description of the three suspects other than three black males, with one possibly wearing a red jacket. The police report says the victim, who is still being treated for gunshot wounds, told them he fought with the men, then was shot.

"(Hill) is a good guy, he runs errands for me once in a while," Cobler said. "He calls me 'Mrs. Geri.' He's very polite."

Hill is being treated for wounds to the chest and lower abdomen. Police believe they found what could be a bullet from a nine millimeter pistol at the crime scene.