New wind turbine parts plant in Osceola

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OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) --Hundreds of new jobs are headed to Northeast Arkansas.

Thursday, a German company announced it would spend **millions** to build a wind turbine parts plant in Osceola.

After months of searching by the company and selling by Governor Beebe and a host of others, Beckmann Volmer a manufacturer of wind turbine steel components made Region 8 it's North American home over a 100 other cities.

Bernd Volmer the Managing Director stood before a packed house and made the announcement.

"I'm proud to announce today that we will establish our new facility here in Osceola, AR ."

Beckmann Volmer produces welded parts for the turbines.

Volmer, "We produce the part on top of the tower. Where you put the main bearing, the gearbox and the generator. You put on this frame what we weld."

Governor Mike Beebe alluded to the Beckmann Volmer-Nordex connection in speaking about today's announcement.

"This is a success story for Northeast Arkansas, Mississippi County, Osceola in particular. But it will help all of Region 8."

Perhaps one of the happiest people today was Osceola Mayor Dickie Kennemore. Kennemore told me that Osceola had missed out on industries before.

"We missed out on it and got our hopes up and this time we were on the short list so to speak and were successful and it's just great to be successful. "

Their plant which is going to be located on a field just South of American Greetings,  will house about 300 people to start. And expected to be in operation around March 2012.

We have to train a lot, we have to hire a lot of people. In the first year we want to hire 80 up to 100 employees. Besides welders the company will hire metal cutters, machinists, painters and assemblers.

It was indeed a good day to be in Mississippi county and especially Osceola as with this new industry in town to benefit the state as well as the area. Mississippi county is slam dunking at a time when other states are calling a time out.

Beebe, "A turn around that most people outside this county would not have believed possible."

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