Another attempt to steal your money over the phone

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Criminals are always trying to steal from people.  So, when your phone rings, how do you know you can really trust the person on the other end?

"They called and left a message on my cell phone," says Sarah Griffin.  For a couple of months now she has been receiving strange phone calls.  "(phone message): If you disregard this message you will have to face the legal request against you."

When Griffin called back, she was told she owed 500 dollars for a payday load, and if she didn't pay up she would be arrested.  "I thought they were going to come and arrest me.  I was terrified.  They also said they would arrest my employer and my office manager because of a payday loan that I had, that I never had," Griffin said.

But when she questioned the charge, "I said I want to see a copy of the check that I supposedly had...Oh we don't do that she said."

What's even more alarming, when she did a reverse phone lookup it said it was the Los Angeles Police Department.  Griffin said she has never even lived there.  "Very odd I'm just worried that it could happen to somebody who's a little bit gullible and they pay the 500 dollars and it's nothing it's a scam," she says.

Concerned, Griffin called the pay day loan service.  "They didn't have my name on their records.  The lady on the other end called and say that I'm not the first one to call saying that this has happened to them and I said it's discrediting you company and you need to do something about."

Griffin has contacted the Jonesboro police department, and the attorney general.  If you receive a call that looks suspicious be careful.  You never know who you are really talking to on the other end.

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