The loss of West Memphis police officers is being felt statewide

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JONESBORO, AR-- "There's not any sense to make of this.   We keep our faith and we know God has a plan for us," said West Memphis Assistant Police Chief, Mike Allen.

A senseless act of violence took the lives of two West Memphis police officers and sent two other brave lawmen to the hospital Thursday afternoon.

"Oh it was a shock--it really hit home," said Jonesboro Police Patrolman, Aaron Morphis.

Morphis says it hits home in part because it happened so close to home.

"You know it puts things into perspective.  It makes you realize how short life really is," said Morphis.

Morphis marked his fourth year on the police force this year.  He says there is no such thing as a routine situation no matter how many times you do something, or how long you've been doing it.

"You never know who you're dealing with, and that's one of the mindsets you have to have in this job is that this could be anybody," said Morphis.

He says he keeps those "what if" scenario's ever present in his mind.

"It is always a possibility that things can go bad and it can go bad in a heartbeat," said Morphis.

Morphis says there is a sense of comradery between police officers that reaches far beyond their departments, and a loss in one department is a loss for so many more.  He says despite the dangers, he wears his badge proudly, because he knows who and what he's protecting.

"To get out here and serve the public, you deal with a lot of great people--a lot of great people in Jonesboro, and I really enjoy doing what I do.>

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