Bargains for some, cash for others

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After months of spring cleaning, Saturday was the chance for local residents to open shop.  The NEA Flea Market opened it's doors early Saturday morning, pulling in over 100 vendors.

It was the yard sale of champions.  The flea market was the Saturday hot spot, providing a central location for local residents and vendors to clean house.  "It helps us to get rid of a lot of things in the household," said vendor Allen Brooks.

The NEA Flea Market hosted by the East Arkansas Broadcasters provided Region 8 with over 150 venders.  It is Brooks second time to take part in the event, and says even though he was here last year he still has plenty to go around.  "Yeah, it doesn't take long to collect very much stuff at all," said Brooks.

After these vendors were able to do some spring clean, they were selling everything from baby clothes, to stuffed animals, even designer sunglasses.  Brooks said, "We had a bedroom suit, we have all kinds of little accessories, pretty much anything you need for a household."

With temperatures in the 90's it was one of those days where the umbrella's were out but there was no rain.  One of the biggest hits were the snow cones.  The turn out was huge with people jumping on the opportunity to get some good bargains.  Of course, Brooks was pleased with constant flow of people, "Well we've done quite well I think."

Brooks said while the sales were good, the fellowship meant a lot more, "It's a great way of visiting and meeting new people just a really nice day."

Event organizers say around 30 new booths jumping on the band wagon this year and hope it continues to grow year after year.

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