Floodwaters invade Paragould day care

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Sunday's rain put a lot of water on the ground in a very short period of time.

Unfortunately a lot of the rain found it's way into the Kid's Haven Preschool & Therapy Center in Paragould.

Monday, clean up was the order of the day on a large scale.

There were still puddles sitting here and there as you walk around the building as workers tore out carpeting and flooring.

The center is located next to Emerson Electric off Scott street in Paragould.

A little after 4 Monday morning Montgomery discovered she had a problem.

"I started trying to soak water up and that sort of thing but within 5 minutes it was so deep and there was so much there was nothing I could do."

Montgomery says it was Ankle deep in some places.

The day care has been in this building for almost 2 years. They have had smaller flooding issues before. Montgomery told me that the previous owners of the building made no mention of flooding problems when she (Montgomery) bought the building.

"This is the worst it's ever been, It's throughout the entire building and it's the deepest it's ever been."

With this damp weather mold can form quickly if the water-soaked materials are not removed and floors dried out.

Montgomery, "We have a cleaning service on stand by. As soon as we're able to get the carpets out then they'll come in so we can start disinfection."

The water comes in off of Scott and Porter street. According to Montgomery there is not enough drainage along Porter.

"A few months ago they came in and put in an additional drainage grate behind our property and that has helped." At the day care they have added drain pipes to the gutters and tried to seal up leaks inside the building where ever possible.

Vonda said what they would like the city to do is put in a drainage ditch here. They have a pipe but it can't handle the amount of water that runs off the street like we got Sunday night.

I asked Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill if it would be possible to put in a drainage ditch behind the building. It's more than just digging a ditch he said.

"The key thing is to say where does that water go? And what's stopping it from getting there? Once you find that out you can back yourself up and go back to what the problem is and say here is what we can do to remedy that."

The building has had some minor flooding since they moved in two years ago but she wasn't ready for this large amount of water sluicing through the whole building. To prevent mold, Montgomery has a cleaning service standing by.

The main drainage ditches around the Center are choked with weeds and overgrowth. Gaskill says he believes those are Highway Department Ditches and would have to contact them to find out. However Gaskill said he will send somebody down and look at the ditch, or lack thereof behind the center to see what can be done.

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