Good deeds spread through out Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 kids are doing more this summer than hanging out by the pool or sitting in front of a television set, they're working to make the Jonesboro community better!

More than fifty young members from the Nettleton Baptist Church are taking a week out of their summer break to volunteer at local charitable organizations.

Brandon Wallace has been involved with "Mission Jonesboro" for three years.

He says they decided to do this because they wanted to help organizations that works to help others, "Over spring break we went to Dallas, Texas and we worked with inner city missions with the homeless there and it really got the kids fired up about doing this type of stuff and as soon as we got back the first thing they wanted to know is can we do this same type of stuff in Jonesboro."

Brandon says the next step was to decide where they needed to go, "We thought, where are a couple of places that might need help. And we knew the Salvation Army was doing a great thing already and helping a lot of people and so, we wanted to help them help people. The same with City Youth. We knew that they were touching a lot of lives and we just wanted to help them in any way we can. So, we just wanted to volunteer man hours and just come out and do things they might not normally have time to do. Through the course of that we learned about the soup kitchen on Huntington and so we went down there and asked if we could bring some kids and help them out."

Brandon says what's so great about this type of work is what kids get out of volunteering, "As far as the kids, they're having a great time. They're loving it. You never feel as happy and as peaceful as when you are serving other people. So, they are learning that this week. They are learning the greatest happiness you can ever get is to help others."

Thirty volunteers are working at the Salvation Army, fifteen at City Youth and eight at the soup kitchen on Huntington.

They'll be there through Friday working hard to help these organizations get things done they might not have had time for or simply needed more help.

"We just really believe that our call as followers of Christ is to go and serve those that need help. And what we're called to do is love people and so, what we want to do as a youth group is to go out and do that."

This is the tenth year for this project.

Brandon says they'll have worked around three hundred and eighty hours by the end of the week!

If you would like to help you can contact Nettleton Baptist church at 932-4960 or email them on their website.

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