A Region 8 company helping in oil spill clean up

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - At K&K Construction and Disaster Services Inc. in Paragould, they're used to cleaning up disasters--like hurricane ravaged areas on the gulf.  Now,  they're taking on new endeavors.

"The oil and water comes in.  Then it's pumped up right and it goes back and runs through and separates," said K&K Construction Co-Owner, Ron Kingston.

K&K Construction helped build the shallow water oil skimmer.  It's  now being used to help clean up that massive oil spill, according to co-owner Ron Kingston.

"They said it's about 95 to 99 percent clean after it separates," said Kingston.

Kingston says this took about 3 and a half weeks to build.  He says the coast guard was there every step of the way helping guide his business partner Bill Killian and business associate C.W. Parker.

Kingston says once the coast guard gave the ok, BP put K&K Construction under contract.

"It can skim about 140 thousand gallons of water in about a 12 hour period," said Kingston.

Kingston says its large capacity and ability to operate  in shallow waters makes this oil skimmer unique.

"We knew we had a workable prototype--that this thing would work and we were very pleased with it and excited that BP is using it," said Kingston.

Kingston says this oil skimmer is getting a lot of attention on the coast and more could be built to use in different locations.

"I hope we just really help out and get this thing cleaned up as quick as possible," said Kingston.

Kingston says the skimmer is approximately 110 feet long  and 50 feet wide.  It's self propelled with a dual hydraulic pump system.  The oil skimmer is being built near Slidell Louisiana. Kingston says his business partner Bill Killian and business associate C.W. Parker have been there during the building of the oil skimmer.

Kingston says it's skimming mostly tar balls, because there's not a heavy concentration of oil where they are.

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