Region 8 County receives grant money

Police officers keep us safe on the streets and in our homes. Now one region eight county is making sure you're safe in its courtrooms.

When it comes to safety it's always better to be safe than sorry. While the Independence County District Court hasn't had any major instances take place, they hope new security measures will help to deter any from happening in the future.

"Preventative security is always better than acting after something happens," says Independence County District Judge Chaney Taylor. Security, it's an issue the Independence County District Court pushes for.

"We received 15 thousand dollars from the state of Arkansas," says Court Security Officer Warren Wade. Money to enhance court security. "It's going to go for cameras, and instead of the locks on the doors, probably the finger print pad," says Wade. To make access more limited to certain areas throughout the building. So when you step into the courthouse, Court Security Officers will be watching. It's a project that's huge for District Judge Chaney Taylor, "It's pretty big. I would say there was 250 thousand dollars appropriated statewide."

The Arkansas Legislature created the grant money for city and county governments for security and emergency improvements. Forty-nine applications were received and only twenty-four projects were chosen.

"It's going to help us a lot with anything we may have come up," Wade emphasizes. He says these updates will help to keep a better watch throughout the building. "It'll keep the ladies more secure here that take money, it'll keep us more secure, and we won't have to be running around so much looking for things we'll have it all on camera."

A project that is beneficial to all involved. "It's a relief for us, it's a relief for the county, otherwise we would be spending more and more money that we don't have," says Wade.

So now that the money is available, Taylor says they're now moving forward and currently in the bidding process that from there will be presented to the Quorum Court.