4 arrested in Ripley County homicide investigation

Doniphan, MO (KAIT)- According to the Ripley County Sheriff's Department, four people have been arrested in connection with a deadly house fire.  Friday night, Sheriff Ron Barnett said they arrested 18 year old Keith A. Boyles, 17 year old Chantale N. Youngblood, 46 year old David A. Youngblood and Melissa Youngblood.  The four are all charged with two counts of murder, burglary and arson and are in jail with no bond.

On July 10th,  Bonnie Chase and Edgar Atkinson were found dead inside the burned remains of their home near Doniphan.  Atkinson had been shot in the back of the head before the fire started.

Sheriff Ron Barnett believes the suspects could also be responsible for a similar incident near Doniphan in Late June, in which another man and woman were killed, Lloyd and Irene Piatt. The sheriff says one of the suspects, David Youngblood is the Piatt's nephew. "We just really feel confident that we have the people in question in custody. We checked on different leads and like I said, we have everybody in custody and we're just real thrilled to have these people behind bars. They don't need to be in our county running loose" says Barnett.

The Piatt's bodies are expected to be exhumed for further investigation by Wednesday to determine, if in fact, the suspects were involved in this case too. Region 8 News will continue tracking this story and bring you the latest developments.

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