Fire department smoke alarm giveaway

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)- Hundreds of people across Region 8 can consider themselves a little safer thanks to the help from the Jonesboro Fire Department.  Many came out Saturday morning as the department gave away free smoke alarms.  Locations were set up all across Jonesboro. "Doesn't matter if you live in Jonesboro or not, we just want to make sure everyone's safe in the surrounding areas" says Fire Captain Kinley Gatewood.

Captain Gatewood with the Jonesboro Fire Department says smoke detectors are important, especially if a fire starts while you're asleep "carbon monoxide will actually make you go into a deeper sleep so you may not wake up so its's very important for early detection".  The department does some type of smoke detector giveaway every year, and also make a point to always have them on hand "We keep smoke detectors on the fire trucks here in the city so when we make runs and somebody doesn't have one, we install them then", according to Gatewood.

The department takes pride in giving back to the community and Saturday the department was also asking for the communities help "We want everyone to have an opportunity to have a smoke detector in their home at least one working. We're also trying to educate people about the upcoming sales tax election and vote."  If the half cent sales tax doesn't go through the city will be forced to make major cuts, passing out signs and flyers with information showing how much expenses have increase for the police and fire department over the past couple of years "just trying to get more information out about that and how crucial it is for the fire department and police department in the city of Jonesboro" says Gatewood.

The city will be holding the special election August 10th for the half sales tax, which if approved, would be in place for four years.

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