Heat advisory hits Arkansas

By Amanda Hanson  - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Arkansas is currently under a heat advisory with temperatures making you sweat and humidity that almost knocks you down. In these dangerous conditions it's crucial play it safe.

"It gets pretty hot and you start sweating. You're just ready to go home and get under the air conditioning," says Justin Boyd.

There's no denying it's hot and it doesn't take much to make you melt. "We were out and about last week and I almost had heat exhaustion. I really got dizzy and sick and we had to cool down because of the heat," says Waynette Banks.

But that hasn't kept some people from enjoying the day, "We thought we'd come out and enjoy a good day of fishing but the heat is so bad the humidity is so high." says Don Molder, who was spending the day with his grandson Dylan, but they did come prepared. "We drank plenty of fluids, stayed in the shade, wore a cap and sunglasses, and tried to wear some sunscreen. Other than that you just have to live with it. It's part of living in the south," he says.

Also, try to stay away from alcohol or sodas because they often cause you to be more dehydrated.

Stay indoors during the prime time of the day and rest often in shady areas.

"We had planned a birthday party. We had about a thirty minute birthday party," says Lorrie Bogard, who was trying to celebrate little Conner's first birthday at Craighead Forest Park. "The cake was fallen all to pieces melting and we had this bag of ice and five minutes it was gone." But they made the best of it. "They did get and play in the ice a little bit and rub it on them. They've been joking around and sticking ice down each others shirts to cool them off too," she says.

As well as cool rags and splashing around at the water park. If there's not a water park available, a squirt bottle can also do the trick. But the only way to really prevent heat exhaustion is avoid being outside altogether.

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