Region 8 emergency responders get prepared

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The ASU Small Business and Technology Center and the Texas Engineering Extension Service are offering a special training session about both natural and man made disasters.

For two days, emergency responders can learn about how to calculate threat assessments for the Region 8 area.

Director of the Craighead County Office of Emergency Management, David Moore, says this class is helping them all prepare for possible future events, "It's helping give us an idea of where we're at right now as far as preparedness. It will give us an idea of where we need to go. What we need to do to make things safer and better prepared in the event of something major to happen."

This class is teaching attendants how to go out and look at the community, take critical infrastructure of the area and do a threat assessment.

"Things are going great. We've got a real good group with a wide range of people. We've got representatives not only from emergency management, but from the city, from the fire department. We've got people from ASU, we've got people from outlying communities. So, we have a wide diverse group of people that can work together and bring different thoughts into the learning process."

Moore says it's this collaborative effort between departments that will help make them all successful when responding to a disaster.

"The major concept from this is that we need input from everyone. I, myself, will look at it from an emergency management aspect. When the fire department comes in, they will bring something to the table that I don't think about. Just like ASU has their specific concerns that are not necessarily different, but they'll bring something that I'm not aware of. So, that brings the total information when we do the overall assessment, is going to be complete."

This class will continue through July 21st.

For more information about this class or any others currently being offered, log on to their website.

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