Region 8 kids learning through fun activities

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 kids are giving up part of their summer to put their reading skills to practice.

Nineteen children from Fox Meadow School are attending a summer reading camp. . .but they're doing more than reading!

Third grade reading teacher, LeDohnna Freeman, says they wanted the kids to enjoy themselves while attending camp, "W We're letting kids experience reading in the summer and we want it to be fun and enjoyable. We're doing a chapter book in each group that is fun and age appropriate. Then each group is doing a theatre readers skit that they perform on Thursdays for their parents."

Each week they do an activity related to the book they're reading, "The book we read this week had the directions for making lemonade and making kites. But a lot of it was in paragraph form. So, we had the kids read that and then break it down into steps. Each step in order of how to make the things that we've done. It requires them to comprehend what they're reading and then to understand it and put it into practice."

The students apply reading, writing and math in almost all of their book related activities.

Teachers say the kids are having a great time.

Fourth grader, Jamison Bridger, says the summer reading camp has been fun.

And when asked what he would say to other students not attending, "You're missing out!"

The summer camp reading program was funded by a ten thousand dollar grant called the McKinney-Vento Grant.

Teachers hope to expand the program next year.

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