$10,000 worth of merchandise stolen from Region 8 business

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

WEINER, AR (KAIT) – The Weiner Police Department said Wednesday they are searching for information leading to the conviction of a suspect who stole approximately $10,000 worth of tires at Jimmy Sanders, Incorporated.

According to Police Chief Rolland Geror, someone stole more than 30 truck tires from 309 N. Madison Street in Weiner late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Geror said he believed the crime happened sometime between two and four in the morning.

"I'm going to say the approximate time was anywhere from two to four this morning. Employees came in and found that they had a whole rack of big truck tires that were missing," said Geror. "We've taken some evidence from the scene but we have no suspects at this point in time."

According to Geror, police were able to collect photographs of fingerprints left in the dust of the tire rack. He also said footprints were left in the dust on the ground. He's not sure if the information will help in the investigation.

"They were brand spanking new and we're trying to get a bill of sales and everything. We got the brand names. We're trying to get all of the sizes, the sizes and everything we're trying to get all the information," said Geror.

Geror said a $500 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide them information leading to a conviction and return of property.

"They went back into the shop and they noticed that a bunch of tires were missing where they stay in a tire rack all of the time," said Jim Wise, manager of Jimmy Sanders, Incorporated in Otwell.

"About all of our big truck tires were gone and they went over to a walk in door and the door had been pried open and got to investigating and seen that somebody has broke in," said Wise.

According to Wise, the building near Valley View in Jonesboro was almost broken into. Wise said an alarm scared them off.

"The alarm went off at about 1:30 this morning. The manager of that store went to the store and he seen where someone had tried to break in to one of his walk in doors," said Wise. "It was a Tahoe with a covered trailer pulling behind it at 1:30 this morning."

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